Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    optimal control of cancer chemothrapy by q-learning    M.Sc.    rezazadeh, mohsen    2010-01-26
2    Tracking of High Maneuvering Target in Wireless Sensor Networks Using IMM Filter and Triangulation-Based Target Localization    M.Sc.    Hassani, Amin    2010-02-11
3    Blood Glucose Control of Type I Diabetes Patients with Fuzzy Q-Learning Algorithm    M.Sc.    asghari, zohre    2010-10-02
4    driling difficulty and drilling rate prediction    M.Sc.    Moradi, Hamidreza    2011-01-15
5    Virions control in HIV patients using Reinforcement Learning and considering the effect of drug dosage    M.Sc.    noori, amin    2011-07-09
6    Increase Efficiency of Isfahan Steel Plant Boiler by Adjusting Excess Air    M.Sc.    parsa, mehdi    2011-09-17
7    Reinforcement learning approach to optimal control of affine continuous-time systems with input constraints    Ph.D    Modares, Hamidreza    2012-02-09
8    Real-Time Optimal Observer Trajectory Generation in Bearings-Only Tracking with Sensor and Environmental Constraints    Ph.D    Nayebi Astaneh, Amir Hossein    2012-02-15
9    Fuzzy SARSA Learning with local reinforcement distribution    M.Sc.    soltaniyan, salman    2012-03-12
10    Bidding in Power Market via Q-Learning and Market Power    M.Sc.    KakoLarimi, Reza    2012-04-14
11    Maximum Power Point Tracking Based On Tip Speed Ratio Control And Estimation Of Wind Speed For Wind Turbine    M.Sc.    sabzevari, sanaz    2012-07-14
12    Enhancing the robustness of fuzzy sarsa learning algorithms by applying type-2 fuzzy systems    M.Sc.    Nasri Mohajeri, Noushin    2013-01-26
13    Fuzzy Decision System in combination therapy cancer    M.Sc.    mirhajian, ramuna    2013-03-16
14    Reinforcement Learning for Optimal Tracking Control of Linear Discrete-time Systems with Unknown Dynamics    M.Sc.    Kiumarsi Khomartash, Bahareh    2013-04-20
15    Determining of drug dose in the treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia using fuzzy reinforcement learning algorithm.    M.Sc.    tayarani najaran, ali    2013-06-15
16    Robust control of HIV infection by type-2 fuzzy system    M.Sc.    Zendeh, Manizheh Sadat    2013-06-15
17    Improving Validity Of Model For LTI System With PWM Input Signal And Autotuning Controller Implement    M.Sc.    GOLCHIN, MOHAMAD JAVAD    2013-10-05
18    Online solution of infinite horizon nonzero-sum differential games using reinforcement learning techniques    Ph.D    Yasini, Sholeh    2013-10-21
19    Modeling and Control of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus    M.Sc.    tashakorizade, zeinab    2013-11-24
20    Leader-Follower Online Optimal in Differential Graphical Games Model Using Reinforcement Learning Algorithms    Ph.D    Tatari, Farzaneh    2013-12-14
21    reinforcement learning reward shaping in vehicle swarm    M.Sc.    sadeghloo, maryam    2013-12-28
22    Modeling of Tumor Anti-angiogenic Therapy    M.Sc.    Roghani Yazdi, Mahdieh    2014-01-18
23    Runway incursion and its preventation method    M.Sc.    Khakestanishahri, Amir    2014-04-26
24    Preventive maintenance based on fuzzy control for a power plant unit    M.Sc.    Ghobadi, Hamid    2014-04-26
25    Bidding Strategy of Power Suppliers in Power Market    M.Sc.    mohsenirad, ghazale    2014-05-10
26    A computational model inspired by brain activity in selective attentional state and its application for estimating the depth of anesthesia    Ph.D    Hosseini, Seyyed Abed    2014-06-07
27    Online Sub-optimal Cooperative Control of Multi Agent Systems: Reinforcement Learning Approach    Ph.D    Mazouchi, Majid    2014-10-17
28    determination of the plastic concrete mix design used in Dams cut-off wall by Neural Network approach    M.Sc.    Majd, Mehrdad    2015-01-26
29    maximum power point tracking with reinforcement learning    M.Sc.    Delshad, Anahita    2015-01-31
30    Design of a fuzzy processor based on hybrid CMOS/Nano technology    Ph.D    Tarkhan, Mahdi    2015-01-31
31    Effect of Stigmergy in Brain Emotional Learning Approach for Short-Term Load Forecasting of Mashhad    M.Sc.    osouli, saeedeh    2015-06-06
32    The application of reinforcement learning to optimize energy consumption and reduce the economic costs of hybrid systems including wind turbines, solar cells and batteries connected to the grid    M.Sc.    dorafshan, navid    2015-06-20
33    Coordination Control of Traffic Network by Multi-Agent Architecture Based on Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic    M.Sc.    Laki, Faezeh    2015-06-20
34    Modeling and Robust-Adaptive Control of Complex Systems: A Specificity-Based Approach to Hierarchy in Self-Organizing Fuzzy Systems    M.Sc.    Adel Rastkhiz, Ehsan    2015-06-20
35    Extraction of Submarine Strategy againts Torpedo attack whit Reinforcement Learning    M.Sc.    zareiee, mojtaba    2015-10-14
36    Using Reinforcement Learning in Weapon Assignment Problem for Defence Systems    M.Sc.    Feiznaei, Farhad    2015-11-07
37    image segmentation using reinforcement learning in ultra sound images    M.Sc.    Ghajari, Shazan    2015-11-07
38    Extended Fuzzy Classification of Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for Epilepsy Diagnosis    M.Sc.    Bahrami, Arefeh    2015-11-07
39    Intelligent traffic control based on macroscopic model with fuzzy logic and reinforcement learning    M.Sc.    tatar, mehdi    2015-11-21
40    New method for speech enhancement and noise Cancellation in cochlear implants    M.Sc.    asgharzade, mohammad reza    2016-05-17
41    Psychological Impact Excitation Light (PIEL) To Reduce Anxiety and Increase Concentration Power    M.Sc.    khakshour, mohammad    2016-05-24
42    stable adaptive emotional neurocontrol for uncertain nonlinear multi-agent systems    Ph.D    Baghbani, Fahimeh    2016-07-10
43    Sub-Optimal Control of Uncertain Switched System with Linear Nominal Model    Ph.D    baluchzadeh, maryam    2016-07-11
44    Bearings-Only Target Tracking Using a High-Degree Cubature Kalman Filter    M.Sc.    Ahmadpour Kakhk, Mohammad Amin    2016-10-22
45    control of power absorbtion in wave energy converters    M.Sc.    rafati, farzane    2016-11-05
46    Higher Order Sliding Mode Control of Wind Turbines Blade Angle    M.Sc.    alfatlawi, Ali    2017-06-03
47    Detection of sensor fault in a class of nonlinear systems using modal-Kalman filter    M.Sc.    Honarmand, Fatemeh    2018-01-06
48    maximum power point tracking in photovoltaic systems with Reinforcement Learning Algorithm    M.Sc.    Gholampour, Ali Asghar    2018-06-30